How To Install Patterns For Gimp On Linux

Today’s tutorial is going to be easy and a little bit technical because I know that many new Linux users find installing anything to the system as a problem, I was one of them too. Continue reading How To Install Patterns For Gimp On Linux



head-663997_1280Timelapse videos are very powerful for either for learning or improve your computer graphic skills. Perhaps there are people who think I’m wrong, but please try to believe me because I’m about to show you how you can learn from those speedy videos using simple tools that I bet you know. Continue reading HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TIMELAPSE VIDEOS

More Texture Maps With Gimp

If you want to find a way to generate other texture maps like bump map, displacement map, ambient occlusion map the easiest way, well gimp can do it too.

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Easy Normal Map With Gimp

Gimp can be more powerful than most people think. I found a very useful way to create normal maps with gimp and it’s easy and free also.

If you’re an artist that work with 3D application softwares like blender, 3dsmax, etc, you can take the advantage of this Continue reading Easy Normal Map With Gimp

Background Removal With Gimp

Hello everyone, today I want to share some tips about removing background with gimp. Background removal is a very common task in photoshop and gimp for image manipulation, but this task it is not always easy.

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