More Texture Maps With Gimp


If you want to find a way to generate other texture maps like bump map, displacement map, ambient occlusion map the easiest way, well gimp can do it too.


Easy Normal Map With Gimp


Gimp can be more powerful than most people think. I found a very useful way to create normal maps with gimp and it’s easy and free also.

If you’re an artist that work with 3D application softwares like blender, 3dsmax, etc, you can take the advantage of this

Animation Exercise For Beginners


Hello everyone, today I want to share with you this video about a basic 3d animation with blender (rotation around an object). I found it very useful for beginners  and if you are a beginner I encourage you to practice because it can be easy to forget either one of those methods or all of them.

Re-Render An Old Render

Blender Art

I modeled this sword in 2014 and sadly I lost my first render of it, I didn’t care at that time because I didn’t like the result I got. Yesterday I gave to myself another chance to do another render of the same sword and the result is much better than the first one, it’s not perfect but it represents to me a great improvement.


Go to the gallery section to see it full size.

3D Animation Exercise For Beginners In Blender


Hello everyone, today I want share a basic 3d animation exercise that helped me to understand the meaning of keyframe using the timeline in blender. It was a little bit challenging at that time, but when you know the basics you figure out how can achieve the results.

My First Laptop Animation


Hi, in this post I want to share my recent artwork in blender.

The project was rendered with blender render engine, I know cycles is the most popular nowadays, but I think blender render engine is still good specially for practicing the basis. I hope you like my first try.

I wish you a wonderful day!