These PDF documents helped me to start with blender and gimp, they also helped me to learn other ways to show art. I hope you find them useful. If you have troubles with opening the PDF, please let me know.

  1. Gimp Plus # 1: The Gimp Toolbox; How To Use Gimp Tools To Create Stunning Photos.
  2. Gimp Plus # 2: How To Give Your Photos That WOW Factor. Color and Plugins.
  3. Gimp Plus # 3: Gimp Layers, How To Use Gimp Layers And Create Amazing Photos.
  4. Successful Drawing.
  5. Gimp User Manual.
  6. An Introduction To Blender 3D (Book for beginners).
  7. Blender Documentation.


If you work with multimedia design these softwares may help you with your projects. The best part is the fact that all of them are free:

  1. Download Blender.
  2. Download Gimp.
  3. Download Krita.
  4. Download Audacity.
  5. Download Handbrake.
  6. Download Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS).
  7. Download Ardour (Linux and OS X only).
  8. Download Normal Map Plugin For Gimp.