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Blender Tutorial: Basic Keying Set


Hello everyone, today I want to share with you a very interesting tutorial that might not be useful for pro or beginners, but it is good know how to use an specific feature that we mostly ignore in blender, keying set is just one of them here’s an image about the option that you may ignored all this time:

Screenshot - 06102016 - 10:56:06 PM

That option is located at the header of the timeline and in this video you will see an example on how to use that for animation. I encourage you to share it if you find it as interesting as me.

Practicing With The Blender’s Video Editor: Slideshow


NM Bienes Raices SlideshowBlender’s video editor is very powerful and doing a slideshow is a very good way to practice the basics . In this post I want to share with you a freelance work I did to a small real state company called NM Bienes Raices in order to promote a house they are selling, they sent to me some pictures of the house and asked me to do a slideshow with those pictures.

It was an easy job and also a great way to practice keyframing, transitions, a little bit color correction, the basics about the dope sheet and the basics about the graph editor. It was easy and somehow I enjoyed it a lot. Watch the video to see my result (which is very basic). I wish you a wonderful day and the best successes.



head-663997_1280Timelapse videos are very powerful for either for learning or improve your computer graphic skills. Perhaps there are people who think I’m wrong, but please try to believe me because I’m about to show you how you can learn from those speedy videos using simple tools that I bet you know.

Easy Normal Map With Gimp


Gimp can be more powerful than most people think. I found a very useful way to create normal maps with gimp and it’s easy and free also.

If you’re an artist that work with 3D application softwares like blender, 3dsmax, etc, you can take the advantage of this

Animation Exercise For Beginners


Hello everyone, today I want to share with you this video about a basic 3d animation with blender (rotation around an object). I found it very useful for beginners  and if you are a beginner I encourage you to practice because it can be easy to forget either one of those methods or all of them.

3D Animation Exercise For Beginners In Blender


Hello everyone, today I want share a basic 3d animation exercise that helped me to understand the meaning of keyframe using the timeline in blender. It was a little bit challenging at that time, but when you know the basics you figure out how can achieve the results.