House modeling in progress (Blender Render Engine) – Video Dailymotion


My Best Projects With Blender In 2014 And 2015

My Achievements With Blender 2014 – 2015 from Carlos Valdez on Vimeo.

Re-Render An Old Render

I modeled this sword in 2014 and sadly I lost my first render of it, I didn’t care at that time because I didn’t like the result I got. Yesterday I gave to myself another chance to do another render of the same sword and the result is much better than the first one, it’s not perfect but it represents to me a great improvement.


Go to the gallery section to see it full size.



Hello everyone, I finally finished the trailer I promised in my previous post. I’m a beginner using blender and despite my flaws, I’m very happy with my result you will see in the video, if you are an expert or have more knowledge about this amazing software, Continue reading CASTLE IN BLENDER LEVEL BEGINNER TRAILER