head-663997_1280Timelapse videos are very powerful for either for learning or improve your computer graphic skills. Perhaps there are people who think I’m wrong, but please try to believe me because I’m about to show you how you can learn from those speedy videos using simple tools that I bet you know.

Before I start to tell you the ”secret”, it is important to know very well the fundamentals of the software you use, otherwise this tutorial won’t work for you. Most timelapse videos have no explanation about how to do something with the software, at first I thought those videos are for motivating beginners and intermediate or just for showing up, but I realized they are great content for learners. So let’s begin with the tutorial, there are two ways to take advantage of timelapse videos:

  1. This is the easiest way and I’m very sure that you know it, but sometimes we forget it. When you’re watching any video at Youtube you see cog icon at the bottom, that icon give you access to some playback options of the video. Use this to slow down the video, so you can see perfectly what he or she is doing.

  1. The second way might be complicated for some people because it is required to have a video editor software. However it’s essentially the same as before, you have to download the video and use a video editor software to slow it down and that’s it.

I’m using this strategy to improve my 3D modeling skills with blender and I hope it works for you as well. I leave you a timelapse below so you can start right away.



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