My experience with Blender

Castle_renderedGood day everyone, today I would like to tell you my experience with an amazing software called Blender.

I have 1 year using blender and I’m still a rookie, I have to say this software can be very useful for many animation enterprises, however it is available for everyone so you can share your art with everyone. You can use it for creating your intros if you are a youtuber, 3D animated advertisements, games and more.

Recently I was working on a simple castle, it is awesome to be able to create anything you like without limitation, only pc’s hardware can limit the performance of blender. If you have a very good PC and you like the 3D world, Blender should be a must on your PC.

You can create whatever is in your head, you can give life to your creation, you can simulate weather surrounding your creation, you can create 2D and 3D awesome games and you even edit your videos like pro-artists usually do it, and much more. Download Blender at

Since my PC has a very slow hardware, I don’t know much about the cycles render engine, so I have been learning 3D modeling all this time and my recent model is the castle you see in the image which it was rendered with the blender render engine. This kind of modeling is a very good practice for any beginner to blender, because it helps to remember most of the basic tools that you must learn in order to model anything.

In my next post I’ll show you my first trailer showing my best works made only with blender, I encourage you to model a castle like in the image (if you’re a beginner) I bet you will realized of the benefits of this kind of modeling. I hope you enjoyed the post and the image (click on it to see it at full size), I wish you the best success in your career as an artist. Don’t stop being an artist! 😉


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